HUM Cornerhouse ・ Mackinnon & Saunders
It’s another endless, sleepless night. Bedtime rhythms and routines mark the hundreds of hours that drift past in a twilight haze. You’re caught in a monotonous cycle, until suddenly something heavy and strange approaches. It weighs you down. You need to find a way out. Hum is about sleep paralysis and was inspired by Nikky Norton Shafau's cross-platform work Digging Deep. The film was shown at each performance of her play The Adventures of Sky. direction ・ story ・ design ・ animation ・ compositing THEATRE PERFORMANCES & FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS
Contact Theatre, UK
The Core at the Corby Cube, UK
MC Theatre, Holland Raindance Film Festival, UK
London International Animation Festival, UK
Melbourne International Animation Festival, Australia
Balkanima, Serbia
London Short Film Festival, UK
Film Leben, Germany

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